Guided Discoveries Inc. (GDI), a 501(C)(3) California educational nonprofit corporation, is proud to be a leader in the outdoor science education and enrichment adventure summer camp industry.  GDI serves over 45,000 children, parents, and teachers annually at Catalina Island Marine Institute, Catalina Sea Camp, AstroCamp California, Camp Motorsport, AstroCamp Virginia, and Camp Chop.  Changing lives for over 40 years, Guided Discoveries has served over 1 million students since our founding in 1978. 

As experts in outdoor science education and adventure summer camps, we make a positive difference in the lives of children through unique opportunities of discovery.  Our beautiful outdoor locations, combined with hands-on labs, adventure activities, and highly trained staff create an inspiring and enriching experience for our campers.  In addition to experiential STEM education, we focus on building character, fostering a curious minds, inspiring environmental stewardship, and developing life skills towards a productive and responsible future. 

Our unique locations, handpicked staff, teaching methodology, state of the art labs set us apart from the rest.  Guided Discoveries is a member of WAIC, Western Association of Independent Camps, and accredited by the ACA, American Camp Association. 

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